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Top Tips for Planning a Warehouse Move

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Warehouses are a crucial aspect of many businesses- in fact, often, they are the beating heart of the business where operations are managed, stock is stored and production takes place. If your warehouse is no longer providing you with the space you need to run a productive, efficient and cost-effective business operation, it may be time to move on.

Relocating a warehouse-based business is a big operation and it takes a great deal of careful planning to carry out. Below, we offer our top tips for executing a warehouse move.

Estimate the man-hours required

Before you move, you’ll need to map out exactly how you’re going to continue operations (as best as possible) whilst also prepping your warehouse for a move. You should estimate how many hours of work will go towards the move and how many hours will go towards regular warehouse operations, then divvy up your team accordingly. Hiring a removals firm to help you out with the move will be hugely beneficial, as your team can focus on doing what they do best whilst the removalists execute the move.

Communicate with your employees

As a business owner, you’ll already understand the importance of good communication within your team. However, during a relocation, communication is even more paramount. You’ll need to give them all of the crucial information that affects their schedule, such as location changes and day-of duties. Allocate tasks to your staff and make sure they know exactly what they’re doing on the day.

Organise your inventory

Just like when you move house, you’ll need to make an extensive and detailed inventory of everything you plan to relocate. This way you, your staff and your team of removalists know exactly what needs to go where on the day of the move, which will save you a major headache on the other side.

Rearrange distribution and deliveries

If your business involves distribution services, this can be difficult to arrange around a relocation. Like with the rest of your business operations, you’ll want it to continue as best as possible during the move so as to minimise downtime. Equally, if you’re used to getting regular deliveries to your warehouse, you’ll need to rearrange these in good time prior to your move to avoid any mix-ups.

Hire an expert industrial removals company

To help you along the way, the best decision you can make for your industrial relocation is to hire an expert removals company. They can assist you with arranging logistics, organising packing your inventory and executing the move itself.

If you’re based in Essex or the surrounding areas, choose Essex Removals for your industrial relocation today. Our team of expert packers and movers will ensure that your move runs smoothly so that your business can enjoy as much uptime as possible during a busy period. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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