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Uh Oh! 3 Things That Can Go Wrong When Moving House

By August 18, 2023 No Comments

Moving house can be an exciting experience, but from time to time you may run into problems and pitfalls during the process. Read on to discover the most frequent things that can go wrong when moving house.

Packing problems

Packing disasters are by far the most common issue you’ll likely run into when moving house. Examples of this include:

  • Not having enough packing supplies – if you have failed to properly assess the amount and types of packing materials you are going to need for your relocation, you may end up with a collection of poorly-packed items. Without sufficient protection, your belongings are more likely to get damaged during the moving process.
  • Packing last minute – packing frantically the day of your move is never going to end well. This is because you will not be able to organise your items properly or ensure their safety. Again, this increases the chance of your belongings getting damaged or lost – particularly if you haven’t created an inventory of your items or labelled boxes correctly.
  • Packing too many items – if you do this, the more money you will end up paying. Additionally, there may also not be enough space in the moving vehicle for all your stuff – especially if you’ve packed more items than initially stated. This may mean some items get left behind or you end up spending additional funds on transport.

Furniture doesn’t fit through the door

If you neglect to measure your furniture and the available space, doorways, staircase, etc. both in your old property and in your future residence, you face a potential calamity on moving day. If your furniture doesn’t fit, you’ll have to disassemble items and maybe even remove the doors from their hinges to achieve the impossible. If this doesn’t work, you might be forced to leave some large furniture items behind.

Property damage

When moving out, you should attempt to leave your old home in a good condition. You’ll want to get your deposit back or be able to sell it at a profit. If you (or the movers) drop a heavy item and damage the flooring, or scratch and dent the walls, or break the bannisters or the stairs while taking your goods out, you will have to deal with expensive and time-consuming repair works. It’s also wise to be careful not to damage your new property – always take precautions and ensure you provide protective coverage for things that may get harmed.

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