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What do removals companies do?

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What do removals companies do?

Moving home can be a daunting task. You can forget how much stuff you own and wonder how on earth you’ll be able to move it all from one place to another. Here at Essex Removal Service & Co, we’re here to help you demystify the process of moving and help you keep the move as stress-free and affordable as possible. While we do offer a Platinum Packing and Unpacking Service, where we come in and pack all your effects, move them, and then unpack them on the other side, we understand some customers enjoy packing their own belongings.

For this, we recommend making a checklist to help you make sure you pack everything in the right place. You can find an example on our website, but for a bespoke feel, here’s a guide to making your own checklist.

Start Off Grouping by Room

It might seem a bit obvious to say, but you should probably pack up all your crockery in the same box to save time on the other side. It will also break up the daunting task into more manageable chunks. Just simply walk around a room in your house and take note of what you need to bring. Maybe start with the bigger items such as appliances and work your way up, as they’ll be the most cumbersome to pack compared to smaller items like cutlery. You’ll then be able to tackle the mammoth task one room at a time, following your checklist and ticking everything off as you go. Then make sure when you pack up, you write in large letters what room each box belongs in, and a brief description of what’s inside.

Plan an Everyday Essentials Box

When you reach your new home, you’ll probably be faced with a mountain of brown boxes and no idea where to start. That’s why it can be a good idea to make an everyday essentials box, filled with your belongings you may need immediately. This will offer an easy place to start with your unpacking and make sure you’re not hunting through box after box looking for tea bags. Some ideas for things to put in are:

  • Kettle and tea/coffee
  • Toiletries
  • Some clothes and sleepwear
  • Towels
  • Plates, mugs, and cutlery
  • Phone charger
  • Bin bags
  • Children’s toys if you have a little one
  • Pet toys if you have a different kind of little one

Everyone’s essential box will be different depending on their needs, so have a good think about what you think you’ll immediately need on the other side.

Have a Clearout

Moving is the ideal time to finally get rid of some of those items you have in your house that you never use, but have never felt the need to get rid of. When writing your checklist, make a separate list for everything you come across that you’re not sure you’ll need anymore. That way when it comes to the actual packing, you’re only taking with you the things you need and leaving the rest behind. If you still can’t part with these things but know you don’t want them in your new home, we offer a range of self-storage container solutions, ranging from protecting small items to an entire room of furniture.

Once your packing is done, Essex Removal Service and Co are on hand to help move your possessions to your new home, with our team of experienced removalists ready to make your move as convenient as possible. To learn more about the different moving services we offer, contact us today for a quote.


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