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What Nobody Tells You About Decorating A New House

By September 2, 2022 No Comments
What Nobody Tells You About Decorating A New House

If you’ve just moved house, or are thinking of moving, you may be considering some of the more exciting or creative elements of the change, such as meeting new people, planting a new garden or decorating your new space. However, if the idea of decoration is one that fills you with dread, you might be searching for a few tips to help realise your dream home.

Fear not, as although interior design is an art that can take years to develop, there are a few well-kept secrets that will enable even the most timid of decorators to transform their space into something beautiful.

Read on to hear our top tips.

Start With The Basics

Decorating a new space is exciting, so it’s easy to get carried away and skip straight to object placement, buying new plants and filling a room with everything you own. Dont! When embarking on any kind of interior design adventure, nailing the foundations is a must.

Start with the important decisions regarding curtains, blinds and paint colours first. It is these aspects that dictate a room’s character and deciding early will make it a lot easier to visualise what works and what doesn’t.


The next secret on our list is simple, yet effective. The key to great interior design is balance. Striking a balance between colours, warmth and space will allow you to create a space that feels calm and welcoming, catching the eye without being too visually stimulating.

For example, mixing warm and cool tones, such as a light fabric next to a dark wooden coffee table   can give a room a feeling of tranquillity. This is particularly effective in living spaces and can make a space feel more inviting.

It is worth noting that balance is not the same as symmetry and, although a symmetrically designed interior can work, it often leads to a room feeling rigid and lacking fluidity and energy.

Less Is More

Talking of balancing your space, it is crucial to remember that an abundance of beautiful objects doesn’t always equal a beautiful room. As the old saying goes, less is often more. This doesn’t mean you have to adopt an aggressively minimalist approach, but if the room doesn’t feel right, avoid adding more items in the hope they will bring it together as this can lead to a space feeling more like an antique store than a home.  Be sure to prioritise the quality of your furnishings and ornaments over the quantity.

Take Your Time

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, take your time. As with anything, rushing will only lead you to make hasty decisions that may not work for the space. Think of decorating less as an end goal, but as a process.

One brilliant means of giving yourself a little extra time to think is by utilising container storage. This way you bring your items into your new space one by one, knowing they are securely stored in the meantime.

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