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What Not to Do When Moving House

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What Not to Do When Moving House

There are countless guides on what you should do when you’re planning a big move, but what about the things you should avoid? There are quite a few things you may not have considered when planning your move, so this list should help you make the entire process a little easier.

Pack On Your Own

Let’s face it, packing isn’t fun. So why not bring in some help. Have your friends over, order pizza and get them to give you some help with getting it all packed away. This can be a much more exciting way to put all your belongings in boxes and with more people, the job will be much faster.

If you don’t have any friends who are interested in packing with you, consider hiring a removals company to handle all that for you. They’ll come in and pack it all up expertly, leaving you to relax and let them do it.

Move Your Junk

Seriously, you don’t need the ancient box of clothes that you haven’t worn in two decades. Moving is the perfect time to eliminate all that junk you’ve stored up. Start a few weeks ahead of the move and make a point of getting rid of everything that you don’t really use.

There’s no point in packing everything up and hauling it to your new home so you can shove it in the attic there, as well. Now is the best time to get rid of anything that isn’t necessary. You’ll be paying the removal company to haul each and everything, so consider this a cost-saving step.

Don’t want to forget something sentimental that really has no place in your home? Not a problem, just take a photo and get rid of it.

Wait Until the Last Minute

Even if you’re an expert procrastinator, this is not something you can leave until the last minute. It may be helpful to grab a friend who can work with you to ensure accountability, but you need to make certain that everything is packed up and ready to go by the time the removals company shows up.

Make yourself a schedule, with each step of the move planned out. This can help you keep up a steady pace with the packing and cleaning to avoid procrastination.

DIY Your Move

Doing it all on your own may be the “cheap” thing to do, but it’s going to be so much more work. You’ll have to pack it all up, rent a truck, move it, and then haul everything into your new place. If you have friends to help you out, it will go a bit faster, but even so, this is absolutely the most painful method of moving in the world.

If you’ve had enough of trying to get that oversized sofa upstairs to your new flat, you’ll find that it is way better to simply hire a removals company. They’re experts at moving, so it will be done faster than you and your friends could ever manage, plus they’ll get your furniture in the flat without all that sweating and hard work on your part.

Hiring a removal company is definitely the best thing to do when moving. It will save you a lot of time and worry, not to mention your back.

Hire the Cheapest Removals Company

As they say, you get what you pay for and the cheapest removals company isn’t going to be the best. Unless you don’t particularly care about your belongings, you need to make sure you are picking a removals company that actually cares about its customers.

They should have excellent reviews and be open about their methods. You don’t have to pay huge amounts, but the company should be worth the money you do pay. It’s best if they belong to the British Association of Removers (BAR). The company should also offer insurance and additional services for your security.

Try to Move with Children and Pets

Unless it is absolutely necessary, any children and pets should be tucked away with a sitter and not permitted anywhere near the moving site. Not only is it a distraction for you and distressing for them, but it also puts the removal company in a bad situation.

Imagine several large men moving furniture around while toddlers dash between their legs. As you can imagine, this becomes dangerous rather quickly. It’s a liability for the company and also for you. If you wish to prevent unnecessary injuries, it’s best to ensure children are elsewhere and animals are tucked away in their baskets or crates for the time being.

Throw Things into Boxes Without Care

Not only is it awful to unpack a box that was packed without care, but it can also end up damaging your items. Take care not to crush lighter items under bulkier ones. You should also avoid piling up too many things in one box. It can really make a mess if you add shampoo and then top it with something heavy like too many books so the shampoo squirts out of the container.

These mistakes are often made when someone is packing rather rapidly. If you plan ahead and make sure you follow a packing schedule, it will be far simpler. You will also want to be sure to wrap up fragile items and give them plenty of space in the box.

Underestimate How Many Packing Materials You’ll Need

Always get more boxes than you think you’ll need. This is important because you will go over that amount, it’s basically guaranteed. However, boxes aren’t the only packing supplies you’ll need.

Tape: This is essential for closing the boxes and repairing holes.

Bubble wrap: Important for wrapping up fragile wine glasses and paperweights, among other things.

Newsprint: Also used to wrap things. You can crumple it to stuff into empty spaces around items and inside of glasses and such.

Always overestimate and make sure you have enough to finish your packing without having to leave the house again. This can be very frustrating when you’re on a deadline.

Make the Removals Company Wait

It’s important to get the keys to the new place ahead of time so you can open it up and ensure the movers are able to get everything in as quickly as possible. If they have to wait in the truck until you get the keys and unlock the place, you could end up paying for extra hours.

Plan ahead to have the house opened if you can’t make it there in time or if you have to be elsewhere. The least you can do is ensure that the removal company can get in.

While we’re on the topic of ensuring the movers don’t have to wait, make sure they can get into the property. This should be taken care of ahead of time. You should arrange to have a parking space in front of the building so your team can work more efficiently.

Think You’ll Remember Which Box Has What

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking you’ll remember each box and what you packed in it. You won’t.

To avoid the problem of opening 10 boxes before finding what you need once you arrive in the new house, you should label. Don’t just mark each box with the room it goes in, though that is a good idea. Inventory the items inside and tape the list to the box. You’ll be glad you took the time later on.

Expect Your Removals Company to Handle Certain Things

Your removals company can’t move everything for you. In fact, there are a few things that are strictly prohibited, so don’t pack these items and plan to take them in your own vehicle. These include:

Dangerous materials: Ammunition, weapons, car batteries, pesticides, fertilisers, paint thinners, and propane tanks are just a few of the dangerous items that a removals company cannot move. If it is corrosive or potentially explosive, they won’t take it.

Plants: Your plants are awkward to move and can easily be broken. While some removals companies will take plants that have been wrapped, it’s best to just carry them yourself.

Perishable food: This just goes bad very quickly in the back of a moving truck on a hot day. To avoid bugs and rats, most removal companies will refuse to haul anything perishable.

Pets: It’s far too hot inside the truck for a pet, so you need to plan ahead and bring them with you in your own vehicle.

Valuables: Avoid packing medications, jewellery and the like, as they could go missing. Anything very sentimental or valuable should be taken personally.

Everything else should be fine with the movers.

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