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What Tools Are Used in House Removal

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If you are finding yourself stressed out by an upcoming house move, you certainly are not the only one. An article published by BBC Future, sheds light on the fact that moving house is one of the most stressful life events that we will all have to endure, as it can feel like you are suddenly confronted with the task of packing up your whole life. Furthermore, we can also be stressed by the fact that moving house burns a hole in our pocket – it can feel like you are constantly shelling out pounds after pounds on packing materials. Perhaps even panic buying things we don’t necessarily need.

If this sounds like you, then it is probably best to educate yourself on the various tools and strategies that are used by moving companies. This will help you not only feel calmer about the move in general, because you will know what is going on, but also this can help you save some money as you can source some of these materials yourself.

What packing materials are used

Having the right packing materials are crucial to orchestrating a successful move, though it isn’t just going to be a sea of cardboard boxes, even though they are important. You may find that you already have some of the crucial packing materials listed below, or suitable alternatives:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Moving boxes
  • Moving blankets or furniture pads
  • Padded wrapping paper
  • Stretch plastic wrap
  • Heavy-duty packaging tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Labels

These materials above will be able to package your items safely and efficiently. Often, it is recommended that you classify items and pack them by type. Such as, packing all of your shoes in one box, or packing all of your books. This will streamline your packing process as well as making it easy to track all of your items and find them when you have moved.

Always make sure to label your boxes, as this will help make the moving process run smoothly. Label what is the box, as well as what room they need to be placed in the new house. Furthermore, also make sure to boldly label ‘FRAGILE’ on any boxes that contain fragile items that could break in the move, this will indicate to the removal company that they have to handle these boxes more carefully. Make sure to also cushion these fragile pieces to also avoid any breakages during travelling.

If you are unsure whether pieces are fragile, you need to evaluate whether they would be able to stay intact after a four-foot drop. So, this can be electrical items like a TV, or ceramics like plates and mugs. This can also include any items that are sentimental like pieces of art or antiques.

Art, Antiques and Piano Movers

It is likely that you will more specialist tools to move pieces of art, antiques and large musical instruments like pianos. Simply because they are not designed to be moved around easily. With this in mind, make sure that you double check with your removal company that they can cater to your needs and that they have specialist removal services.

When packing canvas art and paintings, make sure to finely wrap the pieces and place them in heavy-duty picture boxes. Wrapping them in plain brown or newspaper is the most effective way to limit the chance of breakage. It is imperative that you add cushioning around your pieces of art or antiques, this can be done through two layers of bubble wrap. Then, use another layer of bubble wrap to line the box that the pieces are travelling in.

Antiques are most likely going to be difficulty shaped, simply due to their ornate design. With this in mind, it is wise to purchase some foam padding, as when wrapped around the antiques, this can give extra protection and mould to their shape.

Due to the heavy and awkward nature of large musical instruments like pianos, it is best that you enlist the help of professional movers. Simply because, if they are not moved properly then they can cause strain and injury to your back. A piano carries most of its weight on the top half, and the bottom half can be relatively fragile to hold. Professional removal companies will have heavy duty straps which will hold the piano’s weight better. In addition, you will also need a furniture dolly that can support the weight of the piano underneath, and moving blankets to protect the piano from scrapes and bumps.

How do European Removals move my things?

When moving your items to another city or town in the UK, it can be a relatively simple process that consists of packing, loading, travelling and unloading. However, for international What Tools Are Used in House Removals, the process can be slightly different and more complex.

The packing and loading will be relatively the same, however, as there will be more handling of your things, it is probably best that you stock up on cushioning pieces to make sure nothing gets broken. Furthermore, you need to take into consideration about how you want your items to move overseas, such as are you happy for it to be moved via plane or cargo ship. It is most likely that when moving abroad, your furniture will be moved with container shipping which are large, heavy duty containers that will protect your items from breakages, foul weather and more. Standardised containers are constructed to internationally recognised dimensions, so they can be transferred easily. If your furniture is oddly shaped you will most likely want a cargo ship that uses open top or flat rack containers. If you are in any doubt or you have any queries, simply ask your chosen removal company as they will be able to give you detailed information about the services they use and trust.

Can I find any eco-friendly alternatives?

Some packing materials that are used for moving house aren’t perhaps the most eco-friendly – including styrofoam and bubble wrap. Styrofoam is great for making sure your pieces don’t break, yet it is not biodegradable, and it can be easily broken up and digested by aquatic life. If you are eco-conscious and you want to reduce the amount of waste that you produce when moving house, there are a range of alternatives you can use.

Use any old duvets, textiles and throws that you have to cushion pieces in cardboard boxes. You could even purchase more of these specifically for this task as it’s nothing wrong with having a fair few spare duvets and cushions for guests. You could also cut up old mattresses that are too old to donate and use the foam to package items too. If you are really savvy, use jumpers, knitwear and clothes to cushion items – plus this could save you money as you will need to use less packaging overall.

Though cardboard boxes are recyclable, why not reuse any cardboard boxes that you already have acquired or ask your friends and family if they have any spare. Purchase eco-friendly biodegradable tape too. If using packaging materials like styrofoam and bubble wrap is unavoidable, try to think of ways that you can reuse them rather than just throwing it away after you have unpacked. Save bubble wrap for wrapping presents or other items in future. You can save the styrofoam for this too, or donate to a local shipping business.

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