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Who Should You Notify When You Move House?

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Who Should You Notify When You Move House?

Getting prepared is key to have a successful and stress-free move but one thing that many people forget about is their change of address. From your utility bills to post, your address holds a lot of information so you must keep important companies and services in the loop with any changes.

To make the transition easier, here are some of the people that you need to inform about a change of address.

The post office

Did you know that you can redirect your post? It can be a mammoth task to inform everyone about your new address and you may forget about some important people. The post office redirection services ensures that your mail moves with you in the UK or abroad. All you need to do is pass on your details to them before you move and your mail can be redirected for 3, 6 or 12 months. That way you can prevent your personal details falling into the wrong hands and becoming a victim of fraud.

Utility suppliers

If you’re moving house in the middle of your utility contract or even if you’re going with someone new, you need to let your current suppliers know. Simply inform them of your move in date and your new address and they’ll take care of transferring your gas and electricity or closing your account. This is also important so you do not end up paying any bills that are related to the new occupants’ usage.

Insurance providers

Keeping your insurance up to date is essential as you never know when you might need to make a claim! Be sure to get in contact with your insurance providers before you move so you can update your records and remain fully covered in your new place of residence.

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