Why You Should Hire Professional Piano Movers

Are you moving house or just trying to relocate a piano? It can be a stressful job and pianos are definitely not easy to move around. If done incorrectly, you could ruin the piano forever. Fortunately, it’s not that costly to hire professionals to handle your piano in a careful, considerate manner.

The Dangers of Moving a Piano Yourself

Did you know that pianos have up to 10,000 moving parts? Every one of those parts needs to be handled with care or there will be damage that could ruin your piano.

Weight matters when it comes to moving around a piano. Grand pianos weigh anywhere from 500-1,200 lbs. and upright pianos can weigh between 300-800 lbs. That means that no matter what the size or model, it’s going to be tough to move around. Muscle is important, but so is knowing how to safely transport that much weight so it doesn’t cause problems with the transport itself. You can’t just put a piano in the back of an automobile and expect to drive around with it.

If the piano is dropped, you have essentially destroyed it. That’s why it is so important to have the right number of people to handle the weight and to ensure the right equipment is used to reduce the load a little where possible. The most dangerous points are when the piano is being lifted onto a truck bed or taken up stairs, as it is more at risk for being dropped during these times.

“My piano has casters” is a common refrain, but remember that the little wheels on your piano’s legs are not meant to roll long distances. They will break quickly and cannot stand undue stress on uneven sidewalks.

If you aren’t very, very careful, you could end up cracking or damaging your piano while trying to move it, or worse. The best option is to hire the professionals and let them handle it.

Letting the Professionals Handle House Removals

When it comes to house removal, it can be very stressful, no matter how far you’re moving. From pianos to delicate items from your home, there is a lot that needs to be correctly packed and put away and then transported without incident.

Professional house movers can take good care of your items. In fact, if you choose the right company, they’ll even come and pack for you, allowing you to relax a bit before you have to move into a new home and unpack it all. This service is one of the most requested, since people find it very difficult to pack their lives up into a box and send it off.

In some cases, you can even ask that the house movers set up your home before you even arrive. This takes the unpleasantness out of moving, since packing and unpacking are two of the most annoying parts of moving. The actual transport isn’t too bad, either.

Professionals will also know how to treat your piano, as well as your other belongings.

To move a piano, a professional house remover will:

Use gloves: Your piano is delicate and has a slippery finish. Movers with sweating hands could easily lose their grip, so make sure they use gloves to prevent the problem. Gloves will also leave fewer marks on the actual finish.

Use a dolly: Not just any dolly will do, it needs to be one that is designed specifically for pianos and has four wheels. That same dolly should include specialty piano padding, as well as adjustable straps that can be tightened to ensure your piano is secure. This isn’t an easy process, but you can leave it up to the pros.

Wrap and pad the piano: When moving a piano, it’s essential that none of those 10,000 moving parts moves without permission. The movers will carefully package the piano to ensure it won’t shift around and get damaged on the way to your new home.

Bring planks for rolling upstairs: Professional movers will have their planks ready to go to move the piano on its dolly up the stairs. You definitely need to ensure the straps are tight for this move. The planks will also need to be fastened to the stairs to avoid a disaster. The last thing you need is for the piano to fall on someone as they’re moving it up the steps.

Measure: Before you start moving a piano around a new home, measuring is a must. You need to know exactly where the piano will fit and where it won’t. If you can’t get the piano upstairs, for example, due to the curves in the staircase, you might end up having to hoist it up in the lobby or from the outside of the building. This is a whole other skillset that professionals should have.

Taking a piano from one room to another is an endeavour, so it makes sense that moving to another building is even more difficult. With the right movers, you’ll be able to trust that your piano is being safely moved and taken to your new space.

Keep in mind that most pianos need turning after being moved. Even with the best wrapping and padding, there will be things that get moved and adjusted a little. Fortunately, this only requires tuning, which is mild tweaking, as opposed to complete repairs to a broken piano. If things go wrong and there is breakage, you never know if the piano can be restored to its former glory, particularly if it is a key or string that is damaged.

Choosing a Removal Company

Don’t just hire the first removal company you see. It’s important to make sure they know what they’re doing. Check that the company has been in business for a while and read up on the online reviews. What do people think of the company?

You can and should get quotes from multiple companies and remember that the right company will not only have a good quote, but should also have the experience necessary. The company should do an inventory of your home before they give you a solid quote, since it’s impossible to guess how much will be moved just from a phone call.

Find out what the company’s policy is on moving and packing. In most cases, if you pack the boxes yourself, you save money. However, the movers may not be responsible for any damage to your belongings, since it’s up to you to package correctly. However, if they pack, you’ll pay a bit more. They’ll also be responsible for the actual sealing of the boxes and the condition of the contents when you arrive in the new place.

You should also ask to see the company’s contract, since this can be a make or break deal, depending on what you’re looking for. Ideally, the company you choose will have full insurance, as well. This protects you if anything you own is broken or damaged during the removal process.

Preparing for European Removals

Moving internationally? European removal companies can get your belongings from one country to the next. It’s particularly nerve-racking to move across a border, but with the right company, you will be in good hands.

Before the move, make sure the removal company comes to your home so you can show them what you will be taking with you. This is the perfect time for eliminating any junk or rubbish you have and clearing out your living space. The removal company will be able to guesstimate more or less what you need in order to move everything safely, from the size of the lorry to the number of boxes for packing. They are the experts can do need to see things before they can make up the quote.

Keep in mind that long distance moving is going to require even more planning than a move across town. You may be without your belongings for several days and the process of loading and unloading will be done in two different areas, possibly with different staff members.

Ideally, you won’t be moving too frequently, but it’s worth the extra money to pay someone to help you not only to save time, but also to eliminate the stress that is inevitable with an international move. If you allow them to pack everything for you, then the contents of your boxes will also be insured.

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