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Why you Should Use a Specialist Removal Service for your Antiques

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Why you Should Use a Specialist Removal Service for your Antiques

Moving house is a stressful time for most people. The last thing you need is the added stress of worrying whether your beloved antique items will survive the move. Investing in a specialist antique removal service helps to ease some of that stress and reassure you that your fragile items will get to where they need to be.

What is a Specialist Removal Service?

Removal specialists move items that are difficult to carry or transport in the normal moving process. They move difficult items like vehicles, pianos, fine art and antiques in specialised packaging to protect the items while they are on their journey.

How Will My Antiques be Looked After?

A pre-move consultation is often arranged so that the specialist removal service can gather the relevant information needed to move the items. The removal specialist will inspect every antique piece individually to understand their individual and packing requirements. Each item will have different needs so will require hand-made transport methods. An accurate quotation for the correct resources is required and can usually be carried out via an onsite visit.

The Specialist Moving Process

To prepare for the move, specialists will use a range of high-quality protective products and equipment including double walled cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, acid free tissue, loose polystyrene, wooden crates etc.

They can move several specialist items simultaneously using expert packing to ensure that your valuable arrives undamaged.

They will have trained staff who know how to handle the item correctly and carefully.

After packing and preparing for the move, it is important to load and transport the antiques correctly. There is specialist equipment which can assist with handling, moving and lifting these items correctly.

What Items Can be Moved?

Due to the trained, knowledgeable staff at removal services, they are often equipped to deal with any difficult item that a normal removal service cannot handle.

At Essex Removals, we pride ourselves on being one of the few specialist removal services who can handle everything and anything – no item is too large for our expert movers!

A few examples of the difficult antique items that we can move include:

Antique Furniture

When transporting antique furniture, the items would be fully export wrapped as minimum, ensuring that all weak points are protected. If the item is large and unwieldy, this could also be carried in a crate, as this is a more stable way of moving delicate items.

Antique Paintings

Antique paintings can be wrapped but the best form of protection is a crate. This way they are more secure and avoid the risk of falling on something.

Antique Books

Antique books are packed so that they do not move during the journey. They are extra wrapped so that they are protected.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional specialist removal service to assist you in moving your beloved items, contact us today.


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