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Your Guide to Preparing to Move House With Children

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Your Guide to Preparing to Move House With Children

Moving house is a big deal at any age, but can feel huge as a child! With this in mind, if you are relocating you must prioritise your children for this. It’s a huge transition to make not just for your children but for you as a family too. Of course, there is always going to be some elements of stress with anything like this but once your child gets used to the idea, there are plenty of things you can do to help them prepare and allow the move go as smoothly as possible!

Upping sticks and relocating to a new home is incredibly exciting but also a massive choice to make, this is something that is going to make a huge difference to your family’s lifestyle in many ways, even if it’s just a short distance. Having kids is going to add an amount of complexity to this experience. Regardless of how much you prepare, it’s highly unlikely that the process will be hassle-free – but this is okay!

If you are feeling slightly nervous imagine how your little one is feeling! Kids may not show it but they are going to be nervous about the idea of living somewhere new and very easily get attached to their comforts and surroundings. Moreover, change is inevitable and although it is nerve-wracking, there are a few things you can do to help a child throughout this process and make the experience much smoother, for everyone.

Explain the process of moving day

The moving day itself can be somewhat overwhelming, what’s more, demystifying the process is helpful. If your child is that little bit younger, it’s going to be useful for them to see you leave the house so it solidifies in their mind that it has happened. However, this isn’t always practical, so if you are unable to facilitate this, make sure they are aware of when and how the move will be happening, perhaps even talk about the removals people coming to help you to pack boxes and putting them in a removal van.

Another idea is pointing out removal vans that you see on your everyday travels and remind them that this is going to be happening for you soon! It can help to make a visual timetable of the day and what is likely to happen so that there are no surprises. Often for parents, it’s much preferable to leave the children for the day with another adult on hand so that you can focus on the move knowing they are being cared for.


You certainly should not just spring it on your kids that you are moving home, this definitely should not be a last-minute decision or piece of information for them, they need to process it and adjust to it. A good idea is to come together as a family and have a discussion about it. In doing this, they will have the opportunity to raise any concerns with you and get your reassurance that it’s going to be okay.

A similar process is applicable when you have older kids and teenagers too. Do not leave it any shorter than a month before to inform them of the move. Just because they are older doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a challenging adjustment for them. The idea is to strike the balance between a good amount of time to adjust but not panic about it unnecessarily.

It’s going to be useful if you reinforce that all of your normal, comfortable routines they know at home are going to continue as they know it. Once the move has been carried out it’s going to be helpful for you to carry on doing things that you may have previously done together as a family, for example, family dinners or TV nights – continuity is essential.

Get everyone involved

Having all of the family involved in the process is not only going to be helpful to you but also, going to put them at ease and make them feel in control of what’s happening. Giving them a bit of additional responsibility and a few jobs throughout the day of the move is a really useful way of getting them engaged and even getting them excited about the move itself – not just in regards to packing. Having them pack their items (if they can) and letting them pick how they wish to layout their room is also a good opportunity for decluttering and allows you the chance to give any unwanted items.

Prioritise setting up their bedroom

Get your kids’ room sorted out quickly as a priority, doing so will make it as homely as possible in the early stages of the move and will ease the transition. Also on a practical basis, it will stop them from getting under the removal team’s feet during the move if they have a comfy space already set up to go and chill out in.

Keep calm

When moving house, no doubt as an adult you are going to bear the brunt of the stress and strain! Unsurprisingly, this stress can – and frequently will impact our patience and tolerance.

While a great deal of stress is unavoidable, one of the best things you can do is be mindful when it comes to the house move is try not to subject your child to too much of this stress, this is not going to be helpful in the slightest.

Be aware of how you’re feeling and try to lower your stress as much as you can so that you can remain calm for your child. If you manage to do this, your house move will be a smooth transition and all your family members will be relaxed and happy!

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